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IT'S 6 A.M.

Do you know where your bacon comes from?

Our food system is increasingly dominated by mega-producers who have used the convenience of on-demand food to hypnotize Americans. They reassure us with an illusion of safety and quality so they can make a buck. 

This must change. But how - how do you ensure your food is good enough?

Go straight to the farmer.

You will wake up easy knowing the meat you get from your local farm - South Florida Heritage Farms - is free of antibiotics, hormones and feedlots of mass destruction.

Wake up. Step up. Eat up. 

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Heritage Breeds


Red Wattle

A rare find among breeders these days, Red Wattles' meat has exceptional flavor and good marbling (i.e. the fat content is dispersed evenly throughout the meat.) Their foraging skills make them an ideal choice for those seeking an all-natural, pasture-raised pig.


Red Wattle/Large Black Cross

Just as rare, Large Blacks are coveted for their large size (imagine that!) Like the Reds, the Blacks' natural foraging ability encourages responsible husbandry and top-quality meat. Cross the heavier Black with the leaner Red and you'll have some very nice bacon.


Piggin' Out in Okeechobee, Florida


Our story begins in 2010 ...

The birth of our first son, Carter, motivated us to start paying attention to the food we eat. What we learned disturbed us. Thankfully, it inspired us too. 

As a stay-at-home mom, I found a way to “work” from home doing something I enjoy and feel passionate about: raising animals in a healthy, compassionate way that lets me feel good about what I am serving at the table. 

After extensive research, we settled on raising Red Wattle pigs. Many reasons factored into this decision, some of them being their heritage breed status, gourmet meat, easy demeanor and their ability to forage on pasture. These pigs have yet to let us down in any of these areas.

It's important you know our pigs are raised on pasture with no hormones or antibiotics. They are given grain feed and fresh jersey milk from our cows, Bella and Maggie, each day to ensure you take home only high-quality, responsibly-raised pig. 

And there's more ...

Visit our farm just north of Okeechobee, Florida and you're guaranteed to be met at the gate by Badger, our Great Pyrenees, Jake and Joey, our two geese and our three lambs Wynona, Reba and Dolly. Take a walk to the pig pastures and you will find a momma pig nursing her piglets, our boar hog, Romeo, basking in the sun and a number of feeder pigs rooting in the pasture or wallering in a mud hole.  

We are so appreciate for everyone who has helped us bring South Florida Heritage Farms alive.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

What we learned disturbed us. Thankfully, it inspired us too.
This farm has some of the best pork I’ve had! Hands down! Two thumbs way up for this farm and their product.
— Daniel S.
Hey, great meeting today at the market. So excited to find a local meat farmer.
— Ashley F.
You’re a great family, on a great farm, doing a great thing by bringing honest, local food to communities in South Florida. It’s stories like yours that will inspire others to join the real food revival.
— John C.

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We are not offering individual CUTS of meat a la carte at this time.

please check back later or reach out to us to discuss your needs. we may be able to ACCOMMODATE special orders as demand and time constraints warrant.

thank you.


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