Some Praise from the Gracious Folks at Slow Food Gold & Treasure Coast

"We ran into Jenny Deyarmond at the Downtown Ft Pierce Market a few weeks ago.  She was offering antibiotic free, free range heritage cuts of pork.  Cheerfully she introduced herself as the farmer, we were hooked.  Since we were scouting for farms to join our 4th annual farm tour, we invited ourselves out for a tour of our own.  We actually wondered if we had gotten lost on the way back to their place, but the drive was beautiful and the farm worth the drive.  This is a spectacular farm and nothing like we have had on the tour before.  Be sure to take advantage of this tour to visit the farm you will be so glad you did

"Upon arriving at the farm we were greeted by their large Pyrenees dog, and several milk and beef cows they raise for personal use.  Then came the geese actually the only animals we were wary of.  

"We were treated to a tour of this beautiful property full of oak trees.  Expecting only the heritage pigs, we found a variety of rabbits, chickens, and turkeys.  There were also lambs, but they chose to stay hidden while we were there.  The pigs were the prize though, there were babies everywhere, huge boars and mamma's feeding.  I really never thought I would be walking with pigs in a pasture and loving every minute of it!!"


Thank you so much for those kind words, Sheryl and T.A. It was a pleasure spending time with you and we look forward to continuing the common mission of bringing back responsible food and food sovereignty to our communities.